Malaysia 1MWp Thin Film Panel Photovoltaic Power Station

Juxin Energy

Malaysia 1MWp Thin-Film Module Photovoltaic Power Station


Project Location: Malaysia

Project Date: November 2014

Installed capacity: 1MWp

Place Type: Cement Concrete Flat Roof

Solution: Flat roof photovoltaic bracket

Supply products: solar photovoltaic bracket

马来西亚1MW彩钢瓦屋顶光伏项目 (1).jpg

This project uses 20,000 First Solar thin-film photovoltaic modules. Color steel tile roof U-shaped guide rail photovoltaic bracket is suitable for color steel tile roof factory building or warehouse. Aluminum U-shaped guide rails are used to fix photovoltaic panels on iron metal roofs. The more advanced product design reduces the number of accessories for the entire photovoltaic mounting system, and the installation is simple and fast. Can be used to install any type of solar single crystal, polycrystalline modules and thin film modules. The color steel tile roof support system has become a photovoltaic installation system suitable for various color steel tile shapes.


Photovoltaic aluminum alloy bracket is a kind of solar roof bracket in the flat roof of Juxin company's photovoltaic bracket, which is widely used in commercial plants, residential roofs, etc. The solar bracket is composed of a front support combination, a rear support combination, a guide rail, a guide rail connecting piece, a slider nut, a medium pressure block, a side pressure block, and a stainless steel screw.

马来西亚1MW彩钢瓦屋顶光伏项目 (2).jpg

Advantages of Juxin Solar Photovoltaic Support:

1. The guide rail bracket is easy to install, and can be easily installed with a simple tool (such as an Allen wrench). The length of the rail connector can be adjusted freely, and the bracket can be installed on the roof in advance, and then appropriately adjusted according to the size of the solar panel.

2. Strong combination, aluminum alloy guide rails and clamps are suitable for various roofs and materials of various roofs (such as iron sheets, ceramics and other various tile surfaces).

3. Good module compatibility, guide rails can meet photovoltaic modules made by different manufacturers.

4. High accuracy. The length of the guide rail is accurate to millimeters. During the construction process, the second cutting is not performed because the length is too long or too short.

5. Flexible assembly. The rail hook can adjust the distance between the installed component array and the tile surface, and successfully solve the problem of difficult construction caused by uneven roof.

6, design standards, products in the design and development process in strict accordance with national standards and other international standards to ensure product quality.

7, quality assurance, the main material of the bracket is high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel, effectively prevent corrosion and oxidation. The product can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution.

8. Product warranty, ten-year warranty on the durability of all materials.