Philippines 10kWp Metal Roof Wavy Steel Roof Raise Angle Photovoltaic Bracket Project

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Philippines 10kWp Metal Roof Wavy Color Steel Roof Raise Angle Photovoltaic Bracket Project


Project Location: Philippines

Project Date: May 2015

Installed capacity: 10kWp

Place type: Color steel tile roof

Solution: Color steel wati angle photovoltaic bracket

Supply products: solar photovoltaic bracket


Color steel tile roof angle-increasing photovoltaic brackets play a role of increasing the angle on the color steel plate, thereby assisting the module to dissipate heat and improve the power generation performance. It is worth mentioning that this design greatly increases the power generation of the entire system by 5%.

Lifting angle photovoltaic brackets are suitable for color steel tile types such as angle-type, upright seam-type, trapezoidal, etc. The color steel tile roof photovoltaic bracket installation system is suitable for various types of components. The custom-made high-strength aluminum alloy fixture is used to fix the angled tripod On the roof. This fixing method does not damage the waterproofness of the original building, and is effectively combined with the original roof. And the use of custom guide rails, strong adjustment ability, easy and fast installation.

The main material of the photovoltaic bracket is anodized aluminum alloy, which is lighter and can reduce the load on the roof.